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  • N,N-4,4-diphenylmethyenebismaleimide BMI-100


N,N-4,4-diphenylmethyenebismaleimide BMI-100

Content Introduction / introduce

1. Introduction

1)Product Name: N,N-4,4-diphenylmethyenebismaleimide

2)Shortened Form: BMI or BDM   

3)Molecular formula: C21H14N2O4

4)Molecular weight: 358.37

5)Physicochemical Properties: yellow or brown-yellow powder, Melting point is 150~158℃, Insoluble in water and ethanol, soluble in acetone and dimethylformamide

6)CAS NO: 13676-54-5

7) chemical structural formula:

2. Technical requirement

3. Product Application

BMI, as a kind of ideal resin matrix for the manufacture of heat-resistant structural materials, H or F class electrical insulation materials, is widely used in aviation, aerospace, power, electronics, computer, communication, automobile, railway, construction and other industrial fields.

1. High temperature resistant impregnating paint (solvent-based and non-solvent-based), enamelled wire paint, laminate, weft free strip, mica strip, electronic copper clad plate, molded plastics, epoxy modified F~H grade powder coating, casting parts, etc.;

2. Advanced composite matrix resin aerospace, aviation structural materials, carbon fiber high temperature resistant structural parts, high-grade printed circuit boards and other functional materials;

3. Engineering plastics such as polypropylene PP, nylon PA, ABS, APC, PVC, PBT, EPDM, PMMA and other materials enhancement modifier (such as in polypropylene glass fiber enhancement modification by adding < 1% BMI-01, can make the mechanical strength and Martin heat resistance doubled, the effect is significant), can also be used for TPV crosslinking agent, New rubber vulcanizing agent;

4. Wear-resistant diamond grinding wheel, heavy load grinding wheel, brake pad, high temperature bearing adhesive, magnetic materials, etc.

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