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Shaanxi Yangchen New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is an investment attraction enterprise located in the north section of Changqing Road in the Yangling Demonstration Zone. The project is initiated with an annual production of 6000 tons of rubber and plastic additives, with a total investment of 280 million yuan, relying on the parent company Xianyang Sanjing Technology Co., Ltd. as the investment entity.

The series of maleic imide products produced by the company are exported to Europe, America, Japan, ASEAN, Southeast Asia and more than a dozen other countries. The company has established long-term cooperative relations with DuPont, Dow, Lode, Bridgestone, Showa Electric, Mitsubishi Gas, JSR and other top 500 enterprises in the world, and obtained the international EU EC certification and Reach international registration (document number: RCS/CL-R20153988-221-112-8-E11174REACH24H) certification. The product export rate reached 80% of the production capacity, Accumulated foreign exchange earnings of 80 million euros for the country.

The company's products are widely used in fields such as 5G chip manufacturing and packaging, electronic communication, carbon fiber composite materials, tires, engineering plastic modification, high-speed rail, aerospace, and petroleum exploration. The new material industry that is a key support for the 14th Five Year Plan. At present, there are only three domestic exclusive manufacturers globally, and the global market share is increasing year by year. After the overall launch of the company's products, the output value will reach 720 million RMB, solving more than 200 local employment problems and generating 40 million US dollars in foreign exchange for the country; At present, the layout in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain has been completed, and it will rapidly develop into an important global supplier of new maleic imide materials and its technical solution provider in the future.

At the same time as producing fine chemical products, the company vigorously develops a circular economy, using wastewater as raw material to prepare organic fertilizers, and creates a circular economy operation model to achieve the goals of safety, environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction; The product has passed the quality management system certification (registration number: 02822Q10152ROM), environmental management system certification (registration number: 02822E10097ROM), and occupational health management system certification (registration number: 02822S10087ROM); At present, we have increased our long-term cooperation with 985 and 211 universities in China, such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Northwest University, Xi'an Jiaotong University, and Northwest A&F University, committed to the research and development of new products.

With the care and support of governments at all levels in the Yangling Demonstration Zone, the installation was completed and entered the production and commissioning stage in 2020. During this period, through the acceptance work of safety, environmental protection, and emergency plans, the pollution discharge permit was obtained, and it was also awarded the honorary title of Shaanxi Province High tech Enterprise (certificate number: GR202061000614) and Yangling Demonstration Zone Science and Technology Enterprise.

The company strengthens internal management, continuously improves management level, implements the five modernizations, two mechanisms, and four major efforts, namely institutionalization, standardization, programming, systematization, and normalization. It establishes a talent competition mechanism within the company, as well as an assessment, reward, and punishment mechanism for various departments. It also vigorously promotes the digitalization process, greatly enhances the strength of the R&D team, vigorously promotes corporate culture, relies heavily on technology, respects science, and values talent.

We have walked through the wind and rain together, and after experiencing difficulties, there will be sunshine. In the future, let's work together to overcome obstacles and create a better future. Thank you again for the strong support of the governments at all levels in the Yangling Demonstration Zone. Under the leadership of various departments in the demonstration zone, we will fulfill our heavy trust, be scientific and pragmatic, and make contributions to the development of the Yangling Demonstration Zone.

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